This is our place.

Women around 50 are seeking a voice. We know our strength.  We are 44% of women in Australia – almost half the women in this country!  We have raised families, juggled careers, paid mortgages, been married, and we care for our parents, our grandchildren and even ourselves (when there’s a moment!)  Here you will find information, ideas, and support.

We know, as women, the power of girlfriend time; the lift we get from other women. Here it is online – all the topics and issues unique to our stage of life.  The best is yet to come...

An unintentional feminist, I’ve never fitted in. Growing up in Canada, with parents who were both foreigners, taught me quickly at school to do what women do – what is expected. At home, gender just wasn’t a factor in who was going to dig a ditch or raise a beam into place – establishing our rural property was a family undertaking.

My first jobs were in male-dominated industries, which were the interesting ones - construction, driving trucks, and working with livestock. I was comfortable in those places and didn’t really notice I was the only woman around!

Later,as a nurse and then midwife, I learned how society really treats women. I have a habit of saying what I think - my paid and voluntary careers have involved journalism and advancing the cause of women. Injustice offends me deeply, more and more with age.

Then at 50, came a cascade of events for which I was wholly unprepared. As women do, I leaned on my girlfriends.

It was then that I recognised the extraordinary strength of women at this stage (it’s a stage, not an age). We have supported, fitted in, and adapted to the needs of others – for long enough. There is a shift NOW in the psyche of women. We are speaking out, less inclined to make excuses for others, and we are our more authentic selves.

No longer is a woman at 50 in decline. Life expectancy has changed and many of us have 30 or more productive years of life ahead. We have come of age, and we have enormous power.

I created Above and Beyond to build our belief in ourselves – and to give us a collective voice. We were well taught by our mothers, and we have inspired our daughters. Now we need to take the baton and step into our power. I can’t wait to see where we go from here...