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    Along with so many other life changes at fifty-something, we also have the choice about HOW we age. Whether we agree or not, we have a choice about how we age on the outside. Have you noticed your fifty-something colleagues and girlfriends? Some look far younger than others.

    As if there aren’t enough big decisions to be made, you can choose to go grey or colour your hair. Society makes judgements about grey-haired women. Grey equals old – if you let it. Grey can be inspired and classy, too. Either way, it’s a woman’s choice when we ‘allow’ it to happen; a mixed blessing.

    But grey isn’t all of it. In recent years, many very minimally invasive anti-ageing treatments have become mainstream, presented as skin/beauty treatments. Such things a botox, fillers, resurfacing, allow us to preserve our youthful looks. The extremes are surgical, and the possibilities are endless.

    While cosmetic treatments and surgery allow our faces to look better (?), they demand that we consider the reasons to have them. Why don’t we want to look our age? And what difference does it make if we look 50 or 65? The choices are very personal, but the reasons are tied to deep social judgements about the value of older women.

    Our bodies are also subject to public scrutiny. If you have gained some kilos, thickened around the middle, or require a better bra – does that change who you are? Of course not! But your activity levels, life stage and clothing will all change the outer you. And around fifty is when many of these changes and choices confront us.

    Conventional thinking about life changes for women around 50 is all about menopause. But actually, menopause is only ONE of the many things happening to us. While juggling paid work, family demands, money concerns, and relationship changes, we are also making decisions about how we show our age. And it is precisely because we ARE the amazing people we have become, that we can manage all these changes – AND menopause! It’s time we gave ourselves credit for what we are – complete, capable and almost superhuman multitasking, multi-skilled, intuitive and loving, wise and beautiful. Life has made us – and we haven’t finished yet!

    What do YOU think about showing your age?

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